whiskey glasses set

Learn about the various types of whiskey glasses set and how they can impact your drinking experience. Read on to find out which glass is best for how you’ll be drinking, or check out this comprehensive list of all types of wine glasses. You’ll also find a bourbon glass that’s worth a look-see.

Here we will go over the three most popular styles:

  • Traditional tumblers,
  • Rocks glasses that are short with wide bottoms and narrow mouths.
  • Tulips – which are taller than wide with a tapered shape that widens at the top.

whiskey glasses set

  1. The Rocks Glass

Rock glass can be considered an alternative to the Laphroaig because they get it right: they’re short and wide at the bottom with a tapered mouth that widens toward the top. The perfect whiskey glass shape will be available in any bar and should be your first choice if you’re not striving for perfection.

  1. The Laphroaig Whiskey Glass

Tulips are the new kids on the block, but it takes little time to justify their status as a popular choice. In addition to being the perfect shape for aroma, this glass is also the best for enjoying your drink neat or over ice. When drinking neat, you’ll want to swirl your whiskey and smell it as you drink (don’t sip it while still holding the glass).

  1. The Glencairn Glass

Also known as “Glencairn nosing glasses,” these are good whiskey glasses set but not excellent. At first glance, they appear to be just short tumblers with wide mouths, but they’re not. They run on the high end of everything in terms of cost but are made of the thinnest glass available. The ends are dual tapered, which makes for an excellent drinking experience for some whiskies (peaty Islay whiskies and classic Irish whiskey) but not so much for others (bacon scotch).

  1. The Dublin Glass

This is a shape that can be considered “the ugly duckling.” It’s tall, narrow, and looks like it belongs in a dispenser at the DMV. It’s also not good for whiskey – it’s better for sipping scotch.

whiskey glasses set Conclusion

There’s no set rule for whiskey glasses set. Mix and match to create your glass shape for whatever you’re drinking. The biggest mistake is to force your glass just because you think it should be the “correct” way of drinking whiskey. If you choose wisely and enjoy the experience, why not let others drink with the same respect you have?