A trip to Greece can be fascinating. Greece has always been one of the top tourist destinations in the world and attracts 330 million tourists yearly. It has the right reasons to be immensely popular – amazing beaches, history, culture, warm weather, and great food. Greece is home to 227 islands, and how does one decide your destination for your perfect Greek holiday. We will review some of the best destinations in Greece and its key highlights.  Choosing your itinerary depends on where you land and how many days you could spend in the country.

The Incredible Santorini:

Arguably among the most beautiful islands in the world with mesmerizing views, narrow streets, excellent wineries, and bustling nightlife. A photographer’s delight and a perfect destination for luxury travel. Santorini is not one island but a group of islands formed by a volcanic eruption, which gives it its unique crescent shape and spectacular beaches. It is incredible how something so destructive like a volcanic eruption 3500 years ago shaped the caldera and created such a stunning natural wonder.

The Cosmopolitan Mykonos:


A pretty island that got its name from Greek mythology named after the grandson of Apollo. The highlights of the island would be the pristine Aegean Sea, iconic white windmills, elegant houses with coloured doors, and a rocking nightlife. Mykonos is also called Little Venice as the Venetians who ruled Mykonos in the 15th century, and the buildings built then. There are around 400 churches on the island. Mykonos, called the Island of winds as it is always breezy.

The Historical Athens:

Most of the international flights land here. Three thousand five hundred years, one of the ancient cities with a history, and an entire civilization to its credit. In 2004, Athens hosted the Olympic Games, got a facelift. The capital of Greece is home to important tourist attractions. Some of them are:


One of the oldest archeological sites in the world and the view of which is visible from the entire city of Athens. The Acropolis dates itself back to the Bronze Age, and the structures were constructed in limestone in the cretaceous period when dinosaurs were still alive. The Parthenon temple dedicated to Goddess Athena is the main attraction with intricate sculptures. There has been a lot of ongoing restoration work to preserve the site. Many religious festivals were conducted here. There are many other prominent like Propylaea (which you come face to face when you first enter Acropolis), Temple of Athena, and Theater of Dionysus (first theater of the world).