1. A status and wealth revealer:

Clothing trends vary every minute and second. When God created the world, he left the people naked and did not allow them to taste this addicting narcotic; you know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Anyway, then comes Eve, the mother of all future generations, who comes up with the notion of dressing herself and then goes to her husband to force him to prepare for some clothing for her. Adam, being the excellent husband that he is, begins dressing the finest leaves of all the trees in their garden Eden and tries his hand at sewing a garment for his loving wife. Guess what? He turned out to be correct. Then there it’s only his family that roamed dressed around with royalty ignoring the other naked creatures.

From the above example we can jump to the following conclusions:

  • There has always been a craze for attire right from the early days.
  • The type of clothing that one adores reveals their status and wealth in society.
  • Clothes are such things that can attract anybody regardless of gender and age.

So, to be factually correct, the credit for establishing the trend must be to Eve and the art of designing clothes should rightfully belong to Adam. I sincerely thank this adorable couple.


  1. A breadwinner for businessmen:

To make myself even clearer since I only talked about clothing in the first point it might have led you to a misunderstanding. Let me inform you that, fashion is not always about clothing it can also be about accessories, cars, houses, cosmetics and so on. Now, imagine, this clever individual must have smelled money and therefore started businesses in before mentioned aspects. They must have reaped a lot of profit by setting themselves in this industry. Well, anyways thanks to them we are all enjoying our lives comfortably although it is us paying for the luxury. Let’s consider our act as charity.

Keep the following in mind:

  • It reveals to us how shrew and intelligent businesspeople can be
  • It reveals the creativity and artistry of the people working in this industry.
  • It finally reveals how much money we commoners spend in vain as well. I know it’s stingy to hear this but it’s the truth.
  1. It changes itself over time:

Like the way, an individual change over some time in the process of development of personality so does fashion changes. It changes along with trends just as individual changes by learning from experiences in his life. With every season passing by there is always something newly introduced. One continuous feature of fashion is that it is never consistent.