Everyone would enjoy watching top Telugu movies, especially if it has an exciting story. Most people like to watch top Telugu movies, while others only watch such movies. Thus, both must find an online movie streaming platform. At present, you can find numerous streaming platforms for watching thriller movies telugu you wish to watch.

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Top Telugu movies that are currently streaming on aha

  • Ori Devuda

Ori Devuda is an exciting Telugu comedy romance film with fantasies that would attract all viewers. It is one of the famous Telugu movies which tells about the love life of Arjun and his best friend (later wife) Anu. The movie has a feel-good storyline that will keep you entertained, emotional, and happy.

  • Sardar

One of the best action thrillers in 2022, Sardar is a top-rated spy film which revolves around the characters Sardar and his son Vijay. It is the story of a trained RAW agent Sardar and his son Vijay Prakash, who solves a significant national issue regarding toxic content in drinking water.

  • Swathi Muthyam

With a unique and exciting story, Swathi Muthyam has caught many viewers’ attention and became one of the most popular Telugu movies in 2022. Bala, the movie’s main character, faces certain problems because of a misunderstanding on his marriage day. The misunderstanding is caused because of a donation he has made in the past for surrogacy.

Watch top Telugu movies and web series only on aha.

Movies have always been a passion for many people, but now web series has also caught the attention of a majority of them. A good web series with an interesting story is preferred by most people nowadays. If you want to watch all the new Telugu web series released recently, you must take an aha subscription. Some popular web series currently streaming on aha OTT include Agent Anand Santosh, 3 Roses, Locked, Tharagathi Gadhi Daati, Kudi Yedamaithe, etc.

aha is currently streaming unlimited web series and movies online, which you can watch with a subscription. Other than these, it is also streaming the top Telugu shows like Unstoppable 2 and Dance Ikon.